Youghal 4 All are taking part in Oíche Chultúir (Culture Night), a nationwide event that takes place on 23rd September, 2022. It is delivered nationwide in cities, towns, villages and rural locations as well as online.

Our project for this year’s Culture Night is to compile a database of the history of place names in Youghal (Eochaill). Where do some of our place names come from? Why is Catherine Street called Catherine Street? North Cross Lane? Nealon’s Quay?

We’re inviting submissions from anybody that has knowledge on where these place names are derived from. Some are easy -North Main Street is from it’s general direction, other’s are more subtle and some are nearly lost in time. You can submit information here or view the list of place names here.

Further information on events and activities in Youghal during Oíche Chultúir (Culture Night) will be released shortly.

Youghal has a long history. It received its charter of incorporation in 1209, but the history of the town on the site is longer, with Viking settlements dating back to the 11th century. It’s has been invaded, settled, re-settled, plundered and rebuilt in its history. Many of it’s place names are derived from that history and it would be interesting to have a complete knowledge base of place names before they are completely lost to the mists of time.